Why people are buying dumb phones to avoid Facebook?

Many people ended up getting addicted to social media platforms. As you sip a coffee in a cafeteria or sit for a meal in a restaurant, it is normal to find that you are surrounded by people who are browsing their Facebook timeline, or checking out Twitter or Instagram on their smartphone, rather than talking to the person sitting with them at the table. This addiction is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it is a sad affair as it is neither healthy on a personal nor on a social level.

If you come to think of it, smartphones may have given us a myriad of technologically advanced features, but they have also made many people end up getting way too addicted. There is really no need to check your Facebook timeline every few minutes, or to feel the need to post an update wherever you go or whatever you do.

As a result there are some more practical and down to earth people who have decided to grasp this situation and tackle it. Rather than continuing to use a smartphone, there are people who are opting for a simpler dumb phone, with limited or no internet connectivity whatsoever. The premise is that there is no need to access social media platforms at all times of day from a mobile phone. Such things can be done once a day from a personal computer, and the mobile phone can simply be used for its traditional features, namely calling and messaging.

The shocking figures that an average person spends some 24 hours per week online and that on average people seem to feel the need to check their smartphone every 12 minutes, is truly saddening to say the least. Dumb phones can help to make this unhealthy addiction diminish because with its limited capabilities it can keep you off the screen other than at those times when you really need to make use of your mobile phone. Imagine the way we used to be up to a couple of decades ago – we did not feel the need or urge to check every single notification that pops up on our mobile phone. We simply lived a normal, healthy life, and dumb phones can be a godsend in this regard!

Thankfully this trend of seeking to disconnect from social media platforms is picking up a bit. In fact according to statistics the sales of mobile phones that do not have internet connectivity rose slightly. The percentage figure is that of 5%, which is not quite so disheartening despite being smallish if you compare it with the rise in sales of smartphones being only 2%. May this trend continue to increase, especially in the cases of people who are way too addicted to their smartphones. Sadly there are many people who are not mindful to their surroundings and to the people next to them, and this is awfully unhealthy to say the least.