Why are dumb phones, better than smartphones?

Back in the days when mobile phones were introduced on the market, there was a limited choice. As time went by, more brands introduced different mobile phone models, each competing in its own way.

Over time this led to an overwhelming range to choose from, and several new features and high tech attributes to be launched. We have arrived at a stage where most people have a smartphone, worth several hundred pounds. Such a phone typically has numerous features, the ability to use the internet as well as install and use countless apps. Thus the possibilities are literally endless. However, if you were to narrow down all of this, you are going to find smart phone users who barely use any of these features.

There are people who simply use their mobile phone to make calls, and to send a message occasionally. There are those who do not bother to use the phone with its small screen to access the internet, or to make use of social media accounts. In such cases spending money on a rather bulky smartphone does not make much sense. And it is in these cases that some people decide to make a more feasible choice – that of using a dumb phone rather than a smartphone.

Basically a dumb phone will lack most of the features you find in a smartphone. There is either no internet connection or else a very limited connection, and the apps on it are very limited too. Needless to say the prices of such mobile phones are very cheap. Dumb phones are just ideal for senior or elderly people who have no use for apps and internet, and also for children who are ideally not allowed to do much on a mobile phone other than to contact their guardians in case of need.

If you come to think of it, dumb phones serve their purpose. This is after all just about having a mobile phone to make calls and to send messages – which is the original reason why mobile phones were invented. There is no need to spend a fortune on a mobile phone that could easily fall out of your pocket, get misplaced or stolen. Imagine ending up losing a smartphone worth all that money! You are much better off with a dumb phone. Moreover, you do not need to worry about having it get damaged as you can simply buy a new one and not bother about costly repairs. Smartphones on the other hand are very susceptible to damages, especially since their main feature is the large touchscreen taking up practically the whole front. Dumb phones are more robust and sturdy and able to withstand bumps and falls, apart from being easily replaceable with a low budget!

Another advantage of dumb phones when compared to smartphones is that they do not need to be charged so often. Dumb phones use very little battery and so you need not worry about running out of battery as much as you would with a smartphone with a large screen that takes up a good deal of charge within a short period of time.

For those who prefer to have affordability, peace of mind, ruggedness and practicality, dumb phones are just great!