Which dumb phone should I buy?

Mobile phones have become a necessity for many people since their introduction on the market about twenty years ago. However over the years we all know that their usage differed. With the increase in features and capabilities, there have been many mobile phone users who have got used to spending a great deal of time browsing on their phone, using different apps, taking photos and so on. However, there is also a segment of mobile users who simply use their phone for basic needs, such as when they need to make a call or send a message. In the latter case, the traditional mobile phones can serve their purpose, and practically speaking, there is really no real need for the rather useless features and frills, or the really high costs associated with smartphones! Just think about it. What do you use your mobile phone for mostly? Chances are that you really have no need for a smartphone after all!

If you want to save money and opt for practicality, then you should check out the various dumb phones you could choose from. There is quite a nice variety, all at reasonable prices and with decent specifications. The updated version of the all-time favourite Nokia 3310 is a popular option. With a 2.4 inch full colour screen, large buttons, a 2MP camera and in-built FM radio, it is a good option.

There are other Nokia mobile phones that fall within the category of dumb phones that are quite good choices, such as the Nokia 130 and the Nokia 108. All of these pride themselves with a very good battery life and a decent camera.

Speaking of features, it is a good idea to give some thought to what you really want to focus on when shopping for your dumb phone. Some dumb phones offer limited internet connectivity. Consider whether you want at least some connectivity or none at all. Dumb phones with zero connection are ideal for children and senior people for instance.

Another important consideration is how sturdy the phone is. Many people opt for a dumb phone in order to have a phone that can withstand wear and tear, bumps and falls. If you are one of these people, then make sure to check its level of ruggedness as some models are just great in this regard,

The ease of use of the mobile phone is another important consideration when shopping for a dumb phone. Candy bar phones are favoured by many whereas others may prefer a full keyboard for easier texting.

Most dumb phones offer a very good battery life. Make sure to compare between dumb phones in terms of screen size, and button size. If you intend to use it for snapping some occasional photos, then you would want to go for one with a decent camera and a micro SD card slot. Having an MP3 player or a built-in FM radio is another consideration if you want at least some basic extra entertainment. It all goes down to your needs and preferences – but regardless of that there are plenty of dumb phones to choose from on the market, so take your pick!