What is a Dumb phone?

Dumb phones may seem inferior to the more complex smartphones when one tries to compare them. Dumb phones have just the basic elements of a mobile phone, such as making and receiving calls and messages, and sometimes an FM radio or MP3 player, a relatively low quality camera, and at times limited internet connectivity.

You do not get to have the countless apps that are commonly installed on a smartphone. Typically, the screen size is much smaller, and there are buttons instead of the whole front panel as a touchscreen. This is in a nutshell a general comparison of a dumb phone and a smartphone. When considering all this, one might instantly say that it is past the time of dumb phones when smartphones are so much more advanced and offer so much more.

However, in reality there are a number of reasons why there are still a good number of mobile phone users who prefer to opt for a dumb phone rather than a smartphone. Here are some of the main reasons why:

Dumb phones are much, much cheaper – There are cases when either one cannot afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a smartphone, or else, it does not make sense to spend such a large sum of money when the advanced features of a smartphone are not going to be used. There are mobile phone users who just want to have a mobile phone to make a call, or to send an occasional message. These include senior people, as well as children. These types of mobile phone users do not need to have access to the internet, or a high quality camera. So they do not need to spend money on a smartphone as a dumb phone will suffice just as well. Moreover, these types of people are more susceptible to damaging or losing a mobile phone, and so it makes more send to have spent a small amount of money on a dumb phone, rather than on a smartphone.

Dumb phones are easier to use – Relating to the previous point, dumb phones are ideal for children and elderly people as they are so simple to use. Young children may find it hard to make their way through a smartphone to place a call, not to mention that they may use the internet or any apps which may not be suitable for them. Elderly people are much more inclined to feel overwhelmed when faced with a smartphone’s large screen and numerous features and apps. So, in these cases it is better to have a simple dumb phone, with large buttons, a plain layout and merely the basic necessities.

Dumb phones are sturdier – Dumb phones are known to be more rugged and able to withstand bumps and falls better than smartphones, where the biggest part is actually the touchscreen itself. Dumb phones are typically in the form of flip phones, or else with a small screen and buttons, which are far less susceptible to damage than smartphones.