Dumb phones for the elderly

Nowadays many elderly people try to get used to the technological world around them. And let’s face it, by now gone are the days when we used to say that we could live without technology. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is easy for a senior person to get used to a complex smartphone which is full of apps. Most senior people will simply want a mobile phone to make a call, or possibly to send a message. But even messaging may be too complicated for them as they try to get used to typing in the message content and sending it. So accessing the internet, playing games or using apps are just out of the question for many senior people.

Considering this, there is really no need to complicate their life further by buying a smartphone as a dumb phone can work just fine. If the phone is only going to be used for calls, and maybe, for sending and receiving messages, then a dumb phone will suffice. This simplifies their life, as well as makes it much easier for them to get used to the phone.

There are various dumb phones ideal for elderly people on the market. These often feature larger buttons and a font size on the screen that makes it easier for them to read what is being shown. Going through the process of dialling a number to make a call, or answering a call, is already somewhat difficult for an elderly person to get used to. But with a user friendly interface featuring simple steps and large characters and buttons, it gets easier to explain it to them.

There are dumb phones which are intended mainly for senior people that have very loud audio and call quality, so as to make it easier for those who have auditory problems. There are also some models which are even compatible with hearing aids.

Dumb phones also make for great phones for senior people as they are much sturdier than smartphones. It is quite common for an elderly person to have the phone slip out of his hand and so bumps and falls are better handled with a rugged dumb phone rather than a smartphone. Moreover, since forgetfulness is common with old age, it is better not to invest in a costly smartphone only to end up forgetting where it was left! Dumb phones are thus much more practical as well as more affordable when it comes to senior people.

Some of the best dumb phones on the market for elderly people include the Samsung Jitterbug 5, the Snapfon ezTWO, the Convoy 3, the LG Exalt VN360 and the Samsung a157. They all have a design that can work well for elderly people, from large buttons, to large text on screen. Their call quality is said to be very good, and they all come at very reasonable prices. So when it comes to a senior-friendly phone, there is no doubt that a dumb phone is best!