Dumb phones for text and sms only?

Dumb phones have been termed as being dumb for the main reason that they are so limited in their features. Typically, dumb phones only enable the user to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and access basic tools such as a clock, calendar and calculator. So, when compared to the vast array of apps and features one can find on smartphones, dumb phones seem so inferior.

However there are some dumb phones which have additional features to calling and texting, such as limited internet connectivity, a built-in FM radio, an MP3 player, and/or a camera. So not all dumb phones are limited for calling and texting only.

Despite the limited features, there has been a marginal increase in the number of people who opt for dumb phones instead of smartphones. The main reason is that even though smartphones are so advanced and may seem to be so compelling, there are people who either do not have use for the many features available on them, or else, they just do not want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone that could easily be misplaced, lost or stolen. Apart from this, there has been research that mobile phone users are increasingly preferring dumb phones because they want to put a definitive stop to the addictive behaviour that is commonly attributed with smartphones. With their possibility of accessing the internet and downloading countless apps onto the phone, smartphones are leading many users to disassociate themselves from their surroundings, including the people around them. On average a smartphone user spends almost a whole day out of a week online, simply because the possibility of going online has been rendered so much easier and more convenient with a smartphone in their pocket. This is proving to have numerous disadvantages, and has led to several people to prefer a simple, traditional dumb phone with all of its restrictions, rather than a smartphone.

And if you do try to aim for practicality, peace of mind and affordability, there is really no real need to go for a smartphone. And this is just the line of thought of people who are using dumb phones. Such people prefer to have a sturdy, basic phone in their pocket or handbag, which serves the original and most important purpose of having a mobile phone in the first place – placing a call when you need to, answering a call when you are not at home, and texting.

Moreover, for those who want some additional features for some basic entertainment, there are still dumb phone models that include an MP3 player, and/or a built-in FM radio. Some also have limited internet connectivity, which helps in regulating internet usage from the phone so that one does not end up wasting too much time on sites and social media platforms. You will want to consider these options when looking for a dumb phone to buy as there is a real mix of zero connection dumb phones as well as limited connection dumb phones on the market, as well as dumb phones which have a camera, and others that do not. It all ultimately comes down to what you really need and what you intend to use.