Best dumb phones for Children?

There will come a time in any parent’s life when their kid asks for a mobile phone. In this day and age mobile phones are a must have, and kids nowadays are used to seeing their parents and older siblings with a mobile phone in their hand, tapping away or calling. So, as your child grows older, you may be tempted to buy him or her a mobile phone, or you may actually get them to request one.

One of the main concerns with this purchase is that you do not want to have your child with a smartphone which can enable him or her to browse online. You may be able to exercise some supervision on him at home on a computer or tablet, but this may be more difficult when he is not next to you and using a mobile phone. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be better to buy your child a dumb phone rather than a smartphone. Your child does not need to go online, and a dumb phone can still offer him some level of entertainment by means of an in-built FM radio or MP3 player and maybe a couple of games. The true essence of a mobile phone is after all to be able to get in touch when you need to speak with someone, and so a dumb phone will suffice.

On another note, dumb phones are great for children as they are more robust and sturdy. With their designs and materials, and screens which are not as large as those of smartphones, dumb phones are better able to withstand bumps and falls that kids are likely to expose them to.

Going along with this also comes the issue of cost. You do not want to end up spending several pounds on a smartphone that may easily end up requiring repairs. It is better to spend a few pounds on a robust and simple dumb phone for a child!

There are various good dumb phones ideal for children that you could choose from. Nokia offers several decent models, including the Nokia 105, Nokia 130, and the Nokia 3310. There are also cheap Android phones from brands such as Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi. Other popular dumb phones for children that parents reviewed favourably include the Doogee X20, the Alcatel Pixi 4, the BLU Grand X and the Alcatel 10.54.

These low end models still offer decent features, a good battery life, a range of colours to choose from, and as noted before, they are really affordable. These aspects are all important when you are a parent who wants to make a good choice for your kid, and after all, your child does not need to get used to a complex and quite addictive smartphone from an early age either! So dumb phones are definitely a more reasonable and practical choice if you want to buy a mobile phone for your child.