Are Dumb phones the future?

Dumb phones may be perceived as being dumb because of their name. However, despite the fact that this term has been attributed to these types of phones, they are not actually as that dumb. In fact there are many people who prefer to stick to a dumb phone rather than a smartphone, and this can prove to be a smart move in various ways. Let us discuss why:

Surmount addiction – If you are the kind of person who is easily distracted, or who tends to get addicted to internet browsing, playing games and other stuff that are common in smartphones, then you should seriously consider sticking to a dumb phone. Unfortunately there are a good number of smartphone users who are hopelessly addicted to their smartphone. They check it every couple of minutes, they cannot leave house without it, and they prefer to stare at that screen rather than striking up a conversation with people next to them or appreciate their surroundings. Smartphones are having that effect on many people, and if you are the kind of person who falls under this allure you should be smarter about it, and stick to a simple dumb phone which will allow you to live your life in a more meaningful way.

More practical and safe – when it comes to buying a mobile phone for a child or an elderly person, it does not make much sense to invest in a smartphone. These types of users are not likely to be using the features of a smartphone, and in case of kids, it is better to keep them safe from internet browsing on a phone. So, in these cases, dumb phones definitely make for a better option.

Affordability and longevity– apart from being really expensive to purchase, smartphones are also quite expensive to maintain. In case of damages, it is rather difficult and costly to manage to repair a smartphone. On the other hand dumb phones are more affordable, and you can easily find a decent dumb phone at a few tens of pounds. Moreover, if your dumb phone is misplaced or stolen, you will not have to break the bank to buy a new one. And in case it has a fault of some sort, you are more likely to repair it, or else simply replace it for a new one as it is so inexpensive. Apart from that, it is worth pointing out that dumb phones are very resilient. Their material and design helps to make them sturdy and so they have a better longevity than smartphones.

When considering these factors, you can appreciate the ways in which dumb phones are better than smartphones. And for such reasons, dumb phones can be considered to be a smart move, and quite simply, they do have a place both in the present as well in the future. Despite not being as technologically advanced as smartphones, their place is not in the past, and they are here to stay, that’s for sure!